Frame S1 H1975

 27.38 excl.VAT

The Super123 uprights are available in three versions of varying gauges. The uprights have a “T” shape containing two connection systems. The first, on the front face, has connectors set at a pitch of 33mm, for the assembly of beams and accessories. The second, on the side face, has connectors set at a pitch of 132mm, used for the connection of the horizontal and diagonal spacer bars.
Spacebars come in horizontal and diagonal versions, and are connected to the uprights, making a complete frame. These spacebars are the cornerstone of the structural rigidity of the frame and system as a whole.


  • Commercial
  • Garage
  • Residential
  • Storage room


  • HEIGHT        1972 mm
  • DEPTH         400 or 600 mm
  • MATERIAL    Steel
  • COATING     Galvanised
  • COVERS      Steel
  • CAPACITY      1500kg