Light-weight universal warehouse shelving units/shelves


The light-weight shelving units are commonly used for manual storage of light-weight production in domestic and industrial sectors. Ours shelving can meet various needs for storing light-weight production such as: archive filling, internal storage, clothes, spare parts, tires, bolts, electric devices, etc.


Super 1-2-3 is a highly versatile boltless shelving system created to satisfy the broadest needs of hand loaded storage requirements. The key features of the Super 1-2-3 product include its speed of assembly, the ease and swiftness with which shelves can be re positioned and the wide array of available standardized accessories. Its galvanized finish ensures product durability and corrosion protection.


Unirack is a high performance shelving system created to satisfy industrial hand loaded storage requirements. The key features of the Unirack product include CE marked structural components, complete integration and interchangeability with the full range of METALSISTEM accessories, high performance components.


Unishelf can reach clear long bay spans with remarkable load bearing capacities.
Ideal for manual picking applications, the Unishelf system fits perfectly in many environments where deep shelves and wide bays are needed: the ultimate solution when it comes to the storage of boxes, crates, cartons, bulky items, etc.
Its galvanized finish ensures product durability and corrosion protection.


Superinox stainless steel shelving series provides a comprehensive answer to modern hygiene standards and corrosion resistance requirements for the food industry, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.
Good resistance and corrosion protection are key for the application of Superinox both to indoor and outdoor environments.


Accessories for the light-weight universal warehouse shelving units/shelves:

  • Plastic shelving covers;
  • Chipboard shelving covers;
  • Shelving cover fixtures ;
  • Corner shelving connection joints;
  • Brackets for wall fixation;
  • Frame connectors;
  • Brackets for hanging vertical production;
  • Various shelves spacers;
  • Clothing rails;
  • Tyre racks.



Light-weight shelving units:


Main advantages:


  • Fast and easy assembly (boltless assembly system);
  • The cheapest and the most universal warehouse shelving units;
  • Light-weight but also particularly strong and durable structure;
  • Wide selection of shelving accessories, the choice of different shelving length and width;
  • Structures can hold a load from 500 kg to 3,600 kg (depending on the model);
  • Shelves can hold a load from 100 to 450 kg.


We invite you to switch from the old methods of warehouse storage to the light-weight shelving unit storage. It will ensure a wise usage of warehouse area, constantly tidy working environment and faster preparation process. We are prepared to purchase your used shelving units and to install the new ones.


As the light-weight shelving units have many accessories to which we pay particular attention, therefore the shelving unit design is complete only after all client’s needs are assessed and after the consideration of the available space.

According to the specifications of the warehouse and warehouse, we can offer the following

Shelves & Light racks systems:


Up to 3000 mm

600-1800 mm

320 - 800 mm

Up to 450 kg per shelve
Rust protection
Rust protection

Collection system
Collection system

Beverly Hills
Quality Certificates
Quality Certificates

3.1 certified of EN 10204 standard
Extension option
Extension option


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