Multi-storey warehouse shelving/mezzanine platforms

The multi-storey shelving units/Mezzanine platforms are installed in warehouses in order to achieve the greatest advantage of the premises height. There are two types of these shelving units/platforms: multi-storey warehouse shelving units for manual storing, with two or more shelving units installed using a light weight shelving panels, and mezzanine platforms for storage or a work zone creation. The light weight warehouse shelving systems, which are used for multi-storey shelving installation, come with many accessories therefore they may be adapted to suit various needs.

The multi-storey shelving units allow the passageways to be created up to 8 meters in height. The multi-storey shelving systems are installed using a light weight shelving panels, with a purpose to store any type of production of various volume, weight, and width. These shelving systems are suitable to be used in various premises and spaces.

The mezzanine platform is the type of multi-storey shelving, where storage areas of several storeys are assembled using special structures with partitions – platforms, allowing for various types of production to be stored there. These platforms are connected by stairs, lifts or elevators; therefore wide distances between the columns allow easy and fast movement within the working area. The structure of the platform is flexible, and in order to dismantle it or expand it, it is not necessary to change the structure itself.

Multi-storey shelving/ Mezzanine platforms

Main advantages:

  • Maximised usage of premises height;
  • Easy to dismantle or expand, no need to disassemble the structure;
  • Allows unrestricted and fast movement between the different shelving storeys;
  • Easily adaptable to individual needs due to availability of many various accessories.

Accessories for the Multi-storey shelving units/Mezzanine platforms:

  • Plastic shelving covers;
  • Chipboard shelving covers;
  • Shelving cover fixtures;
  • Corner shelving connection joints;
  • Brackets for wall fixation;
  • Frame connectors;
  • Brackets for vertical production storage;
  • Various shelves spacers;
  • Clothing rails;
  • Tyre racks;
  • Drawers;
  • Covers for sides and back;
  • Sliding doors;
  • Ladders.

The mezzanine platforms can be designed in such way so that the manual and electric pallet trucks can be driven onto them. Workers can use stairs, while the loaders control the flow of the production from the ground floor to the platform. The multi-storey shelving unit – is the perfect solution for saving warehouse space and for efficient usage of warehouse premises height.

According to the specifications of the warehouse and warehouse, we can offer the following

Walkways & Mezzanines systems:


Up to 9000 mm

600-4000 mm

600-1500 mm

Up to 6000 kg shelves
Rust protection
Rust protection

Collection system
Collection system

Quality Certificates
Quality Certificates

Extension option
Extension option


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