Design of warehouse shelving units

The design of warehouse shelving units and warehouse equipment is carried out at your location, following the assessment of the premises, the discussion of possible choices and types of available equipment for your warehouse. We provide technical drawings and estimates.


Every new business or business relocating to new premises face many challenges and one of the main ones is to decide on warehouse storing and trading equipment. The layout of such equipment is never less important. The labour productivity and comfort of working environment essentially depends on what type of warehouse storing and trading equipment is chosen and on the layout of same. Representatives of every business are seeking to ensure the highest possible labour productivity and maximum comfort level; however in order to guarantee such results the right decisions must take place in every step. It is unfortunate that many entrepreneurs nowadays still do not pay enough attention with regards to choosing the proper warehouse and trading equipment and the layout of same as it is believed that this process is less important and the equipment can be selected and arranged according to any criteria. Another reason also exists – many entrepreneurs simply lack the necessary knowledge.


Choosing the most suitable warehouse and trading equipment, is an essential step in seeking the success for your business, therefore the input of experts is highly advised. The best outcomes may be achieved by using our design of warehouse shelving units service. We will call out and assess your premises, we will consider your needs in relation to your production stored or trading capacity, and following a thorough assessment we will suggest the most appropriate equipment and layout of same. These decisions will ensure a smooth trading process and stress-free work environment; it will enable to achieve the best possible performance results. We understand that every business is unique, therefore taking into consideration the individual needs, we will provide an individually tailored design and layout of the chosen equipment.


Design of shelving units

Why should you choose us?

  • We guarantee to offer the best solutions which will ensure the highest comfort level of work environment;
  • The proper choice of suitable trading equipment and layout of same will guarantee a maximum labour productivity;
  • Clever layout of trading equipment, shelving units and/or shelves will free up space for other work related objects;
  • We will prevent you from buying unnecessary warehouse storing equipment;
  • We will arrive to your location at the time, when it’s convenient to you.