Disassembling of shelving units and trading equipment


Disassembling of shelving or trading equipment – is a quick and not costly procedure. Warehouse shelving units are one of the best options, in order to carry out manufacturing or trading activities efficiently, promptly and comfortably. The equipment may stand in the same place for years, but business is a live entity with various developmental stages; it may face relocation to new premises, renovation or even cessation. In all these changing circumstances, many difficulties may arise, such as relocating current shelving equipment to new premises. It may seem easy and simple task, but usually it’s not the case. It is a process, which requires not only knowledge, but also persistence, time and man power. Furthermore, the warehouse shelving units and trading shelves are of different types, therefore the disassembling methods may also differ.


Shelving disassembling methods and procedures


The diversity in the equipment range means that great knowledge is required to ensure the accurate and precise execution of works. Furthermore, not only dismantling methods differ, but also tools for the completion of work. The situations occur quite often, where some of the mentioned above resources are insufficient, therefore the only solution left is to look for assistance. Consider our company as the best solution for the equipment dismantling task. We will arrive at your location and will dismantle trading equipment necessary and we will also prepare it for transportation. This process also requires professional knowledge; otherwise a real possibility of damage or even injury may arise due to incorrect preparation for transportation. You may avoid the unpleasant situations by availing of our professional services.


Dismantling service


Why should you choose us?

  • We will provide the dismantling services of the highest standard;
  • We will guarantee safe and prompt completion of the task;
  • We will save your time and man power;
  • We will prepare the equipment for transportation;
  • We will carry out the works at any time convenient to you.


Please be advised that the relocation process may be speedy and easy however do not undertake the task upon yourself or your staff as it requires high accuracy, time and man power; trust our experts to do the task for you, and reap some free time for yourself.

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