Purchase of used equipment

The purchase of used equipment – it is one of our most popular services. We purchase various used warehouse and trading equipment. We call out to your premises, assess the condition of the equipment, its wear and tear and then submit our offer. We collect the equipment ourselves. We provide a mediation service in order to find buyers for your used warehouse and/or trading equipment. We can replace your old equipment with the new by expanding it or renewing it.


Warehouse and trading equipment is one of the essential elements for operation of manufacturing or trading activities. Due to this equipment, the daily manufacturing, storing or trading activities may be implemented much faster, with higher accuracy, more organized and conveniently. On some occasions, due to many reasons (cessation of business, renewal of the equipment and etc.), the warehousing and trading equipment becomes simply redundant. That’s not all. Old equipment cannot be kept as it is, as it needs to be replaced by a new or a different type of equipment. Therefore the disposal of the used equipment becomes necessary.


Disposal may be done in several ways: by disposing of it as redundant equipment or given away. Such decisions would ensure the main goal – to free up the space needed, however it would not be cost-efficient. We can offer an ideal solution, which will guarantee not only an empty space needed, but also a certain amount of income.


Our company purchases various used warehousing and trading equipment, therefore it is a good way to dispose of all redundant equipment, ensure free space within the premises, and obtain some additional income. Following the thorough assessment of your equipment (quantity, nature, condition, wear and tear and similar aspects) by our experts, we will then make the best offer to you. Furthermore, we will not only purchase and collect the unnecessary equipment, but also, we may offer to acquire new, cutting-edge equipment that can certainly meet your expectations.


Purchasing service of used equipment


Why should you choose us?

  • You avoid the headache of where to dispose of the redundant warehousing and trading equipment;
  • Redundant equipment may bring you an additional income. Received income from selling used equipment may be invested in the acquisition of the new equipment for trading;
  • We guarantee the best price for purchased equipment;
  • You will not waste any time and costs in relation to independently disposing of the redundant equipment;
  • Upon your request, we will offer you to purchase new warehousing equipment;
  • We will call out to your location at any convenient time to you;
  • We may provide the mediation services in order to find buyers for your used equipment.


Are you planning to renew your equipment? Do it wisely and gain the best possible benefit. Get in contact with us: we will free up space in your premises and you will enjoy the additional income.