Galvanized shelves

Retail shelves

Pallet racking

About Us

Who are we?

Willprom – is a relatively new but very ambitious business with clear goals. Although the company has been established in 2013 the long-standing experience of the staff in the warehouse and trading equipment sector ensures not only a smooth execution of projects but also thorough assessment of each client’s needs.

About Us

Why you should choose us?

Determination, ambition and strive to achieve our goals – are the main characteristics helping us to grow, improve and keeping us in the market. By following these specific values we are moving forward. Every order we execute, every client we meet – are the steps taken to achieve our goals.

About Us

Where can you find us?

Our company is located in Dublin . Strategically, it is a very convenient place to grow business as it ensures speedy communication with our clients throughout Ireland.

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